A cry for help

According to an issue of the Independent News, ‘The leader of an Amazonian tribe pleaded for help yesterday in protecting the forest that has been his people’s home for generations. He urged Britain to fight mining interests’

The tribe endagered by local increases of goldmining is the Yanomami, a hunter-gatherer tribe living in small family villages across Brazil and Southern Venezuela.  A population of about 27, 000 Yanomami protect 24 million acres of rainforest, and no one is better adept at protcting this land.

However, their land and so their lives have come under threat by a new surge of gold mining.  Recognised NGO; Survival-International estimated that already 1 000 goldminers are already operating illegally.  Worse still, the government has plans to take some land from the Yanomami and open it up for the goldminers.

To quote the Independent news article, ‘ “I want you people here who live far away to help us,” explained the tribe’s unofficial roving envoy. “I don’t want you to send money. I want you to put pressure on the Brazilian government. They have drawn up a project that will involve mining in indigenous territories. This will be very dangerous for us because it brings heavy machinery, which pollutes the rivers and the streams. When the miners leave, the pollution remains.” ‘

To help or find out more: http://www.survival-international.org/tribes/yanomami

For full artical: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/amazonian-tribal-leader-delivers-plea-to-the-city-stop-buying-our-land-394903.html


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