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A warm welcome to any new or returning students who may be reading this post.

Tribe Soc is a friendly society which works to increase awareness of tribal situations, and to save the lives and cultures of indigenous peoples.

We meet every Monday, from 6-8pm at the Guild follow the arrows from the stairs of the main entrance to find us. Even if you’ve just stumbled upon this website and have never done anything with us or anyone similar before, please do come down and join in (no obligation to actually join the soc, and its free).

If you have any questions please e-mail me at fowles@care2.com and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

I have also just created a new website to organize e-mail addresses of members, follow the link to find it: http://groupspaces.com/tribe/ and then join the group or mailing list by clicking the gray button on the right hand side that says ‘join group’ .


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A typical Tribe Soc meet-up

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Tribe Soc will meet once weekly at the Guild Common room (which is upstairs from Guild reception, just round the corner from Deb Hall, and will be sign posted for the first few meet-ups).

In each meeting members will be able to

  • discuss ideas and make plans for fundraisers, political campaigns, and much more
  • keep informed on international tribal developments
  • Write storyboards and animate Tribe Soc’s own series, ‘Stories from an Untouched World’

The purpose of ‘Stories from an Untouched World’ will be to increase public awarenessand fondness of indigenous tribal people.  They will be short plasticine animations based on a few characters who will come to be known and loved by all who follow the series.  These characters will just so happen to be tribal people, thus more of the public will accidentally care about these tribal people.  The front of the episodes will be gentle humour like ‘Simpsons’, or ‘Friends’, or any other easy to watch comedy.

They will be published first on You-tube, Atom tv, and any other suitable Internet sites, and then, when we get good, I am hoping the BBC might let us publish a series on TV.

Animating the series should also give us something fun to do in our meetings, as well as something tangible to take away from them.

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