WHY do tribes need our help to survive?

The livelyhoods, health, and land of indigenous tribal people is under great threat from encroaching Western Companies.  As a result these indeginese need our help to survive.

It has been proved again and again that not only are indigenous people the very best at preserving the wild environments in which they live, but also that when these indigenous people are forcibly removed from their land they fall to depression, alcohol, drugs poverty and suicide.  The tribes need their homelands, and their homelands need them.

Indigenous tribes should have rights to their ancestral homelands.

However, they cannot do this alone: see this article for just one cry for help from an indigenous man http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/amazonian-tribal-leader-delivers-plea-to-the-city-stop-buying-our-land-394903.html

This kind of danger is seen in so many untouched parts of the world.  If we want to preserve our rich and diverse world, we must speak out against these injustices.


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